Video: Skoda Fabia advert will mess with your mind

Skoda Fabia advert
YouTube / Skoda UK

Ad men might get a bad rap for zany promotions that tell you nothing about a new product, with all their money spent on expensive lighting and irritating catchphrases instead, but Skoda's latest information-light commercial takes a different approach.

Rather than talking about worthy things like value for money and how many miles per gallon you can get from the new Greenline model, it instead focuses on just how attention-grabbing the new car is. To test this, the ad has a slowly changing background around the car, with a van turning into a taxi, a scooter turning into pushbikes and a roadwork sign disappearing altogether.

You may catch one of these things swapping between frames, but you will be amazed by just how much changes throughout the video. Watch the ad for yourself in the video below to see how much you can spot. Keep an eye out for a pig-wielding women...

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