Shock as mouse crawls out of Tesco delivery

Sarah Coles

Tesco Supermarket Report 92% Fall In Profits
Tesco Supermarket Report 92% Fall In Profits

Nick Bain, a 41-year-old car salesman from Clacton in Essex, was unpacking a Tescohome delivery, when he got the shock of his life. A mouse suddenly bolted from one of the shopping bags and into a gap between his kitchen skirting boards. Bain and his wife could hear it scratching around for the next two days, before they eventually trapped it.

He told the BBC he had put his hand into the bag when he saw something move. He realised it was a mouse, and told his wife, who apparently "Jumped off the floor". He added: "It was just so fast. It's the last thing you expect with a delivery."

The Metro reported that the couple complained to Tesco, who replaced the shopping, and sent flowers and dog treats as an apology. The store also paid for a pest control expert to visit and lay traps for the mouse. A spokesman told the newspaper: "A thorough check of the store by pest control found no evidence of further problems, so we're still investigating to find out exactly what happened."
Unexpected deliveries

Finding unexpected wildlife in your shopping delivery is highly unusual, but it's not unheard of. In October last year a family were forced to flee the house after a deadly Brazilian wandering spider was found in a bunch of bananas that had been delivered by Waitrose - along with hundreds of spider eggs. The supermarket sent a pest expert to catch the spider and destroy the eggs. They also gave them £150 of shopping vouchers and said they were working with their supplier to cut the risk of it ever happening again.

Last April a woman from Gorleston in Norfolk found a spider lurking in a punnet of grapes she'd had delivered by Asda. She didn't find it until she opened the punnet the following day and discovered what she believed to be a South African sac spider. These spiders are aggressive and their bites swell and form a large lesion, which require antibiotics, and can take anything up to a decade to heal. The Gorleston woman didn't take any chances and squashed the spider as soon as she saw it.

These shocking discoveries are few and far between. What's far more common is for supermarkets to send gobsmacking substitutions. These have included the time when Tesco didn't have any walnut bread, so instead sent an entire octopus. Then there was the incident where Asda didn't have any sugar-free sweets, so sent five tins of pilchards instead. Sainsbury's, meanwhile, chose to substitute blackberries instead of potatoes for one shopper, and lemon-scented Flash for fresh lemons for another.

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