Seat 20V20 concept points towards forthcoming SUV

Seat 20V20

This is the Seat 20V20 concept car, which has been unveiled this week at the Geneva motor show.
The latest in a line of high-riding 'design studies', the 20V20 (which signifies 'Vision Viente Viente', or 20:20 vision in Spanish) previews the styling of a long-anticipated SUV model from the Spanish brand, as well as the styling direction that future Seat models will take.

The 20V20 exhibits front-end styling close to that of the Leon hatchback, though is more pointed, with the 'X' theme of the nose more exaggerated. There is also a clear 'V' shape running from the grille and over the bonnet, while the headlights are LED items.

As it's aimed at families, the 20V20 features a large 600litre boot, which – in this concept form at least – features two luggage trollies and an electric scooter.

Seat 20V20 Concept
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Seat 20V20 concept points towards forthcoming SUV

However, Seat's stylists haven't completely forgotten that this concept car is meant to stimulate the imagination, and have served up a suitably futuristic interior, complete with three TFT flat-screens and a 'Personal Drive Device', - a coin shaped device that can be used to customise drive and infotainment settings and even guide drivers to their destinations on foot once they leave the car.

Based on brand's current Leon hatchback, a production version of the new SUV is expected to reach showrooms in 2016, with Seat claiming that a range of petrol diesel and hybrid drivetrain options are all possible.

The forthcoming SUV will be just one of a family of high-riding crossover models to be introduced in the coming years. It will be underpinned by the VW Group's MQB platform, which is used across the model ranges of VW, Seat, Audi and Skoda.

Seat has high hopes for the model, which it expects to account for a whopping ten per cent of sales in Europe. However, rival models are now well into their second generations, meaning the 20V20 has some catching up to do if it is to appeal to families and make a mark in this competitive market segment.
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