Huge Hula Hoop crisp up for sale on eBay

Sarah Coles
eBay listing for the crisp
eBay listing for the crisp

Vicky Warrall, an administration worker from Runcorn in Cheshire, was tucking into her lunchtime packet of Hula Hoops when she stumbled across a whopper - a Hula Hoop that had never been cut into individual rings - and so measured around 4.5 inches long. She decided to cash in on her 'amazing' discovery and has put it up for sale on eBay.

The eBay listing claims it is the 'world's longest hula hoop' - a claim she is basing on the fact that the last time someone sold a long crisp like this it was three inches long.

Warrall's listing admits that the original packaging has been binned, but that she will send it in 'protective packaging'. It remains to be seen whether that - and the fact it's a cheese and onion flavoured Hula Hoop - will affect the value. Warrall has said she will donate anything she makes to charity.

Crisp auctions

It may seem like a bizarre move, but the three inch Hula Hoop that inspired her sold for £712 on eBay in October last year, so there's a chance someone will part with decent money for a monster crisp. At the time of writing, bids had reached £55, with nine separate bidders - with just over two days left to run on the auction.

In fact, it's not the only crisp to have sold on eBay recently. We reported last month on the office worker who discovered a small hole in a crisp which he thought looked like the Nike Tick. He put it up for sale on eBay and got £21 for his crisp.

Sadly for the seller of the chilli-flavoured crisp which was said to look like the Quagmire - the character from Family Guy - things didn't work out quite so well. He never received his final selling price of more than £200,000 in February 2012, because his account was temporarily suspended while he was asked to authenticate the sale - and during that time the bids were lost.

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