Video: How to turn a car into a potato-firing 'tank'

Subaru Impreza potato tank
YouTube / 52 Skillz

The Subaru Impreza is something of a favourite in car modification circles, with huge scope to turn it from a speedy road car into something of a rally-grade monster. However, this owner took a different route with his choice changes, attempting to turn it into a spud-firing tank wannabe instead.
With a grippy four-wheel drive system and plenty of rally heritage, the standard Impreza can claim to have some off-road ability from the start. For the transformation from car to, er, 'tank', however, you will need a model kitted out with a roof rack, PVC piping, a barbecue igniter, wood and of course, potatoes.

In true Blue Peter style the guys in this video chart exactly how to create a potato gun with handy step-by-step instructions. For all those of you concerned about your personal safety and with a garage full of old potatoes, here is your solution.

See for yourself in the video below.

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