Llama drama as escaped animals evade authorities in US

Raw: Llamas on the Loose in Arizona
Authorities in Arizona city struggled to capture two llamas that escaped from the grounds of an old peoples' home.

The animals were on a visit to a retirement home in Sun City when they broke loose, sparking a bizarre chase through the streets, the Evening Standard reports.

The fugitive animals created quite a buzz on social media, with many rooting for the unlikely outlaws.

The runaways also received a lot of attention from the media with TV scrambling to catch footage of the dramatic chase.

The troublesome pair proved quite difficult to catch as the galloped through the town evading Maricopa County sheriff's deputies and bystanders who attempted to round them up.

The black llama was eventually captured but the white llama managed to keep going until it was lassoed by a cowboy on the back of a pickup truck, the Mirror reports.

Two Llamas Loose in Arizona Turns Internet Upside Down

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