Emirates plane forced to abort landing at Manchester Airport due to windy weather

Emirates plane forced to abort landing at Manchester Airport due to windy weather

An Emirates A380 got into trouble while trying to land at Manchester Airport due to windy weather yesterday (Tuesday).

The huge A380 aircraft from Dubai was on its final approach when windy weather forced it to abort the landing and circle the airport before attempting to land again, this time successfully, the Manchester Evening News reports.

The Emirates A380 hit the headlines recently for its luxurious facilities: It is the only aircraft to offer on-board 'shower spas' with heated flooring for first class passengers as well as a networking lounge for business travellers.

An Emirates spokeswoman confirmed the maneouvre, called a "go-around", and blamed wind sheer.

Manchester is the only airport outside London to host the A380.

Amazing in-flight experiences
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Emirates plane forced to abort landing at Manchester Airport due to windy weather
We all want to feel refreshed after a long flight and Emirates has just the answer. If having your own personal Private Suite with siding doors wasn't enough, First Class passengers aboard the A380 can take a break and relax in a state-of-the-art Shower Spa at 43,000 feet. The luxury inflight shower, designed in classic walnut and marble, ensures travellers enjoy a complete spa experience, with signature Timeless Spa shower kits made from fine natural ingredients and green tea and fruit awaiting you in your cabin as a post-spa treat.

It really is the small things that count and who doesn't love receiving an amenity kit on a flight. First Class passengers flying with British Airways can pack their beauty products in their checked luggage as the airline has introduced cute wash bags with products from luxury British beauty brand Aromatherapy Associates. The kit includes a soft bag with the 'To fly. To Serve.' coat of arms and contains essentials tailored for men and women. The women's wash bag is filled with a Firming Eye Serum, Triple Rose Renewing Moisturiser, Orange Flower Hand Lotion, Hydrating Renewing Rose Cleanser, deodorant, lip balm, cotton wool, toothbrush, toothpaste and a combined hairbrush and mirror. The men's bag contains a Revitalising Moisturiser, Eye Gel, Shave Gel, lip balm, deodorant, razor, brush and comb, toothbrush, toothpaste and pen.

If you appreciate the wines of South America, you'll love the rich selection on-board LAN Airlines' flights. The wines, from Chile and Argentina, are handpicked by Master Sommelier Hector Vergara, who is one of just 158 people in the world with the title and the only person in Latin America. Both Economy and Business Class passengers can enjoy the award-winning tipple, which includes a Casa Marin Sauvignon Blanc from the San Antonio Valley in Chile and the Q Clay Crazy Rows blend from Chile's Colchagua Valley.
We love it when an airline goes all out to treat its Economy Class passengers too. Air New Zealand's Economy Skycouch is just what any traveller needs for a long-haul flight. Whether you're a couple who'd like the extra leg room or a family with restless young children, the innovative Skycouch is a row of three Economy seats that can be turned into your very own couch on a plane. With a touch of a button, a footrest comes out from under the seat to create a flat space for you to lie back, read and stretch your legs, while the armrests disappear into the back of the seats.
Planes can be pretty social spaces, with all that free time to catch up with friends and even meet new people. So what better place to have a chat over a drink than at an in-flight bar? Virgin Atlantic's futuristic on-board bar in the Upper Class Suite claims to be the longest in the sky, stretching eight feet with space for eight passengers. It is separate from the cabin, giving you somewhere different to sit and socialise with fellow passengers while sipping Champagne or a cocktail.
If the in-flight meal is something you look forward to, you'll love Qantas' Select on Q-Eat for Business and Premium Economy passengers. Select on Q-Eat allows you to pre-order your meal, designed by renowned Australian chef Neil Perry, with a wider range of dishes and the option of choosing at what stage during the flight you would like to eat. Dishes include Fish Cakes with Nuoc Cham, Pan Fried Blue Eye Fillet with Black Bean and Chilli, Fragrant Rice and Gai Lan and Lasagne of Roasted Pumpkin and Spinach with Tomato Sauce. In Business, you can also select the 'No Meal - maximise my rest option' via Select on Q-Eat and your bed will be made up directly after take-off instead.
Virgin Atlantic's innovative new mood lighting system, designed by architectural lighting experts DHA, changes the cabin's colour throughout the flight to help you relax and unwind, fall asleep and even adjust time zones. It's available in all cabins and creates up to eight separate atmospheres throughout the flight: the soft 'rose champagne' de-stresses passengers while encouraging relaxation, the 'purple haze' created a cosy, comfortable ambiance, and the 'amber warmth' is for a candlelight environment as you dine. There's also the 'silver moonlight' to help you drift into a deep sleep, while reflecting a starry night sky. Cool, huh?
Fancy a good night's sleep on your next flight? Singapore Airlines is the only carrier to offer the potential to create a double bed on a flight. The First Class Suites fit up to two double beds on each flight if you purchase four individual cabins. The comfortable beds are perfect for couples and have sliding doors with shades for added privacy - although getting too intimate during the flight is discouraged! The single beds in First Class Suites are also standalone beds and do not convert from the seat - another rare inflight treat.

British Airways's First Class passengers can enjoy the quintessential British ritual of afternoon tea but in five-star hotel style. The carrier's afternoon tea is inspired by the indulgent treats served at the iconic Palm Court at The Langham, London, which is the famed birthplace of afternoon tea over 140 years ago. Travellers can sample delicate sandwiches, artisan pastries and warm homemade scones - complete with tea and Champagne, of course!

Forget browsing the in-flight shopping brochure. Korean Air knows just how to treat its shopaholic passengers with its world-first on-board Duty Free Showcase on the A380. Located at the back of the first floor near the stairs to the second floor, the in-flight boutique is where you can browse and buy around 60 duty free items including cosmetics, perfume, alcohol and accessories. The cabin crew are also on hand to assist and advise you with your shopping.
It's won awards for its entertainment system and Emirates' ice Digital Widescreen offers over 1,400 channels of on-demand entertainment, over 300 movies from around the world, more than 150 TV channels, over 100 video games and around 800 music and podcast channels, so you'll never be board on a flight. Great for kids, the ice system has over 10 newly-releases children's films, 40 Disney classics, over 30 kids TV channels and games. Live BBC text news and sport headlines are updated via satellite, and there are in-seat laptop charging points, plus HD movies and TV programmes on selected planes.
Foodies taking to the skies with Qatar Airways can enjoy the finest dining imaginable, as four Michelin-starred chefs have overseen the airline's in-flight menu, creating signature dishes for discerning passengers. Tom Aikens, Nobu Matsuhisa, Vineet Bhatia and Ramzi Choueiri spent months adapting and testing their specialty dishes, taking into account the flavours and spices, as well as how taste buds are altered at 30,000 feet. Oven roasted mustard and dill salmon, Classic Arab mezze and Thyme roasted chicken breast with supreme sauce are some of the tempting dishes to try.
Wouldn't it be nice if you could find out who you'll be sat next to on a flight? Well now you can! KLM's Meet and Seat app allows you to find out who will be on your flight before you fly, so you can view their Facebook or LinkedIn profiles and even get to know them before you meet them on the plane. Ideal for making your journey more friendly and sociable, the app lets you choose a seat next to someone with similar interests (so you don't have to be stuck talking about the weather!). You can share as much or as little profile details and change your seat as often as you like.

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Emirates plane forced to abort landing at Manchester Airport due to windy weather

We've heard of vomiting bugs in hotels and cruises but rarely on a plane. On a flight from Chile to Sydney in August 2013, 26 passengers became violently ill with gastroenteritis after celebrating at a festival in Brazil and picking up the bug before boarding the plane. Some of the passengers were taken to hospital once the plane landed in Sydney and the plane had to be quarantined and disinfected upon arrival. This is one flight we're really glad we weren't on as the Boeing 747-400 only had eight toilets and the group developed vomiting and diarrhoea.

When you're on a long (and pricey) trans-Atlantic flight, the one thing you don't want to happen is for the plane to run out of toilet paper. Unlucky for passengers on a United Airlines flight from London to San Francisco in June 2013, the toilets ran low on tissue after the airline forgot to restock its supply. The passengers were forced to use cocktail napkins instead of loo paper when nature called and were allegedly told to use what they had brought on board for the 10-hour flight. That's one way for an airline to find itself deep in poo!

We all hate flight delays and even a few hours can leave us peeved, but holidaymakers on a Monarch Airlines plane from Tenerife were stranded on the Canary Island for a whopping 50 hours in August 2012 when their plane suffered a fault. The crew discovered a problem with the door hatch and asked passengers to get off the plane and wait for three hours. They then spent another hour on the plane before being put up in a hotel. A replacement plane eventually flew them to Birmingham.

When a pilot accidentally locked himself in the toilet of a New York-bound flight in 2011, he ended up causing a mid-air 'terror' panic too. When a well-meaning passenger heard the pilot trying to get out of the loo, he offered to help. The pilot asked the man to go to the cockpit and inform the crew of the situation, but the co-pilot was completed spooked by the man's "thick Middle Eastern" accent and refused to let him in, calling a state of emergency. Fighter planes were alerted at the arrival airport and the co-pilot was told to "just get on the ground". When he managed to break out of the toilet the pilot assured air traffic control that there was no threat. But the FBI still waited to meet the plane when it landed and spoke to the poor passenger who just wanted to help.

You won't want to watch this video if you can't stomach a scary take-off. The pilot of a Russian aircraft seemed undeterred by taking off in a swamp and wasn't going to let a bit of mud get in his way. Just when you think the flight will only end in disaster it manages to take off. We've seen a few crazy take-off videos but we're really thankful we weren't on this plane!

If you're a non-smoker, you won't be able to think of anything worse than a smoker lighting up a cigarette next to you on a flight. Three Canadian passengers on a Sunwing flight did just that in February 2013 - even though smoking has been banned on aircrafts for more than 15 years. And what's more, they refused to put their cigarettes out and ended up diverting the flight, which was travelling from Halifax to the Dominican Republic, to Bermuda. When the plane landed, their passports were seized by police, while the other passengers continued their journey.

Sometimes you hear about passengers who randomly start screaming and making threats to fellow travellers but we never want to come across a pilot who has a mid-air meltdown. A JetBlue pilot flying a plane from New York to Las Vegas in March 2012 began yelling about terrorism, Al Qaeda and a bomb on board. He ended up being wrestled to the floor by passengers and was locked out of the cockpit. Luckily there was an off-duty pilot on board to help the plane make an emergency landing and once the plane landed, the pilot was put on a stretcher and taken to hospital.

Terrified passengers on board an easyJet plane had to overpower a man who twice attempted to open a cabin door mid-flight at 35,000ft. The man, in his 40s, became agitated during the flight from Krakow to Edinburgh and started pacing up and down the aisles while clutching onto a flight safety instruction card, which detailed how to open the exit during an emergency situation. He then put on his rucksack and lunged for the door handle before being tackled by cabin crew and passengers and forcing an emergency landing at Amsterdam Schiphol Airport.

There are times when the pilots are up against nature and have absolutely no control over a situation, such as when lightning strikes. In January 2013, a Turkish Airlines flight carrying 114 passengers was struck by lightning. A passenger filmed the incident, which saw sparks from the plane's engine as it caught fire and the cabin lights flickering on and off. Fortunately, despite the plane catching fire mid-air, it made a safe emergency landing and no-one was injured.

In June 2013, a man on a United Airlines flight from Hong Kong to New York told flight attendants he had "poisoned everyone on board". There was no indication that anyone had actually been poisoned but imagine having to spend the rest of a long-haul flight wondering if someone had tampered with your airline meal. FBI agents waited to meet the flight as it landed and the passenger was restrained by fellow travellers after making the claim.

One emergency landing is enough but could you handle two on one flight? That's what "terrified" passengers on a British Airways flight from Saudi Arabia to London endured in August 2013. First the plane was delayed for five hours and in the air for about 40 minutes before making an emergency landing because of a problem with the plane's wing flaps. Then the next day when the passengers boarded the same plane, the problem reoccurred and the flight was aborted a second time. Passengers were reportedly "physically sick and crying" during the landings as the plane had to circle the desert to dump around 20 tonnes of fuel to be the correct weight to land safely.

We never knew breakfast on a plane could be so dangerous but 12 passengers on a Singapore Airlines flight to London suffered minor injuries when the plane suddenly plunged 30 metres during their morning meal. Passengers posted photos of the messy scene on social media sites, with breakfast trays strewn all over the floor and coffee splattered on the ceiling. The plane was hit by turbulence during the food service two hours into the flight and medical personnel attended those injured on arrival at Heathrow Airport. The passengers received a box of chocolates as they passed through arrivals.

If the sound of babies crying on a flight is disruptive enough to your journey, you certainly wouldn't have enjoyed the American Airlines flight from Los Angeles to New York, which saw an "unruly" passenger repeatedly sing Whitney Houston's I Will Always Love You. We've watched the video and the woman is no Whitney Houston! She ended up being handcuffed and removed from the flight - but not before putting the other passengers off Whitney's music for life!

If you thought snakes on a plane was just something from a horror film, you were wrong. In October 2012, cabin crew on a flight from Cancun to Scotland were shocked to find a stowaway snake hiding under the passenger seats. The 18-inch snake was found as the plane landed at Glasgow Airport: it had managed to travel 5,000 miles unnoticed. Animal rescuers believed it was an American smooth-scaled racer, which isn't venomous but can bite, and that it had hitched a lift in someone's hand luggage.

Thought a naughty child kicking your chair was bad? In August 2013, 30 adults created the flight from hell when they ran riot on a Ryanair flight from Prestwick to Ibiza, swearing, threatening and even sexually harassing crew in front of other holidaymakers, including families with young children. The men were warned by police about their behaviour before boarding but this didn't stop their drunken rampage, which saw them shouting and jumping on the seats too.


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