Dubai pedestrians shocked as money rains from the sky

Sarah Coles
Dubai cash windfall
Dubai cash windfall

Dubai residents may tend to be fairly flush already, but excited pedestrians still scurried to pick up free cash, as strong winds blew hundreds of 500 UAE Dirham notes (worth £88 each) into a busy road in the Jumeirah area of the city on 11 February.

The Metro reported that it remains a mystery where the money came from. The Express quoted one man who said: "It was just raining money. A lot of people were getting out of cars to grab this." Pedestrians roamed the area picking up every last note, before police cleared the area.

Not the first time
If they are looking for clues as to what might have happened, they could consider the poor fate of the Manchester man who put his wallet down on a bench in Piccadilly Gardens last March, when the wind picked up and blew his money down the pavement. Some locals collected what they could and returned it to him, others saw it as a lucky windfall and scarpered with £300.

Alternatively, someone may have suffered the same fate as the camper van driver from Washington, whose boss had hidden $14,000 in the vents of the trailer for safekeeping, so as he drove, the money blew out into the road. Police were able to recover about half of it.

Or it could be the kind final wish of a generous benefactor. In 2013 a Delaware man put in his will that he wanted $10,000 in small notes to be dropped from a helicopter over the town of Lewes. The town therefore got to feel what it was like to have money fall from the sky - without anyone suffering in the process.

However, sometimes these remain odd and unsolved mysteries - like the time that $2 bills fell from the sky in April 2013 in Boston - and nobody ever emerged to take credit from the flurry of excited bystanders rushing about to collect their windfall.


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