Video: Mum drifts 550bhp people carrier in Gymkhana spoof

Momkhana Ken Block parody video
YouTube / Famous Footwear

American soccer moms might not be known for their skills behind the wheel, but one minivan-driving parent has disproved the stereotype with her drifting antics in a new spoof video. All courtesy of a fire-breathing 550bhp V8 motor stuffed under the bonnet of her MPV.
Parodying Ken Block's series of Gymkhana videos, where the racing driver throws his heavily modified cars around tight suburban streets, this, er, 'mom' pulls off gratuitous donuts, burnouts, handbrake turns and a healthy bit of drifting. Lovely.

And the reason for such wanton hooliganism and tyre torture? To promote shoes, with the ad ending with the car slithering to a halt outside US shoe retailer Famous Footwear. We're sure mom wouldn't have been able to pull this off without some fancy footwear...

Take a look for yourself in the video below – and resist the temptation to copy her antics on your way to school or work. We're sure the lollipop ladies wouldn't be amused.

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