Video: Driver catapulted 50 feet, captured by own dash cam

Car smashes into pedestrian on snowy road
YouTube / TheWorldNews247

Snowy, icy roads are a constant challenge facing drivers in Russia over winter. However, it's not the road but another driver to blame for the latest scary dash cam video to come from the country.
Motorist Alevtina Kapustina was driving to see friends in eastern Russia when she hit a patch of black ice that sent her car spinning 180 degress into a snow bank at the other side of the road. Emerging unscathed from this spin, Alevtina jumped out to inspect the damage.

However, a speeding driver behind sent the 34-year-old woman flying after losing control and slamming into the side of her car. Alevtina slid to a halt many metres down the road – with her in-car dash cam catching the incident on camera.

As she lay motionless in the road a passing motorist feared the worst. Hleb Ermakov who stopped to help Alevtina said: "She was completely motionless and I thought she must be dead", reports the Mirror.

"But when I pulled over and got out I noticed her move a little and immediately called an ambulance."

The victim was taken to a nearby hospital and treated for concussion.

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