Video: Woman rescued from sinking car by rock-wielding police

BMW M3 crashes into sea
YouTube / [World News TV]

We've all made mistakes behind the wheel, whether it's scraping into a kerb when pulling up or even bumping into another car when parking. Not many of us, however, have driven a BMW M3 into the sea.
This is exactly what a 63-year-old woman in Auckland, New Zealand did, though, after driving off a pier at 3pm Tuesday local time. Alerted to the woman's plight by passersby, two policeman were soon on the scene. Unable to open the doors, due to the pressure of the water, one of the officers tried to smash the windows with his baton, while another searched around for a rock.

Just before the car was totally submerged, one of the officers managed to smash his way through the rear windscreen with a large rock, and grabbed hold of the panicked driver. The officers quickly dragged the woman to safety as her car disappeared under the water in Auckland's Waitemata Harbour.

With the car rapidly filling with water, policemen Paul Watts and Simon Russell who worked together to free the driver, estimated that she had less than one minute in the waterlogged car before she would have run out of air. Take a look at the dramatic rescue in the video below.

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