'Nike tick' crisp sold on eBay for £21

Nike crisp on eBay

We now officially have proof that people will buy anything if it is emblazoned with a fashionable logo: Rob Thompson has sold a single Crusti Croc crisp for £21 - just because it has a hole in it that's the same shape as the Nike tick.

The 23-year-old from Brighton was tucking into a tube of the crisps from Lidl when he spotted that the hole in his paprika-flavoured crisp was the same shape as the Nike tick. He told the Mirror that his housemates laughed at him when he pointed out his discovery, so he decided to show them that the world was far more interested in his unconventional crisp than they were.

He put it on eBay, with the description explaining: "This is a naturally formed tick I found in a Crusti Croc crisp tubed packet." He added it was: "A one off specimen, I think you'd agree." And that it was the chance to "own a piece of savoury treat history." He put the crisp up without a reserve with all proceeds going to St Catherine's Hospice in Crawley, in memory of his mum.

On Monday last week, the Metro reported that Thompson hadn't received any bids. He was also finding it difficult not to just eat the crisp.

However, by the time the auction ended a week later, bidding had reached £21, with 22 bids from ten separate buyers. Thompson said he was delighted, and told the Mirror: "I've sold a couple of items on eBay before but nothing out of the ordinary. I'm a crisp seller virgin."

Weird 'images' sold on eBay

It's an impressive sum to sell any crisp for, but in terms of bizarre eBay sales featuring unexpected images, this is small potatoes.

The most famous of all time was the grilled cheese sandwich, which sold in 2004. The seller had been convinced that after emerging from under the grill, an image of the Virgin Mary appeared in the cheese. She had taken a bite, but then decided to keep the rest for posterity - and had stored it for a decade. When she finally put it up for sale, Golden Palace online Casino snapped it up. They paid $28,000 for the sandwich, but a spokesman said they would have been willing to buy it at any price.

A year later, a 12-year-old from Nebraska found an unusually-shaped pretzel in her honey-mustard bag of snacks, and showed it to her mother. It was her mother who decided that from a certain angle it looked like the Virgin Mary with Jesus, and put it up for sale on eBay. It was snapped up by the same casino for an impressive $10,600. They announced plans to take the two blessed snacks on a road tour.

That same year, an Ohio woman spotted the face of Jesus on a pierogi, and put the dumpling up for sale on eBay. The same online casino paid $1,775 for it.

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