Ferrari goes up in flames in Kuala Lumpur

Ferrari fire

Supercars: great for high speed thrills, arriving in style at that embassy reception and attracting the attention of all and sundry. That last point is particularly true if you drive a Ferrari, though not for the reasons you might imagine.
The Italian F1 legends may know a thing or two about the art of making a car go quickly, but some models, particularly its mid-engined V8s such as the 458 Italia, have had a number of instances of spontaneous combustion. In each case the brand has taken swift action to rectify the problem, though that can't be much comfort to owners sat in traffic, tensely watching to see if their engine temperature gauge so much as quivers.

This worst-case scenario is exactly what happened to an unfortunate Malaysian couple sat in the morning rush hour in Kuala Lumpur in a bright red Ferrari F430 earlier this week.

As you can see from the video below, the rear half of the car was completely consumed by the fire, with nothing left but a burnt out shell. The cause of the fire is currently being investigated.

Thankfully the pair managed to escape the vehicle unhurt, but we're sure there'll be some tense calls to the insurers in due course.

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