Dress like a Kingsman for £49 from Asda

Rosie Vare

Last week's release of Colin Firth's new film 'Kingsman: The Secret Service' saw a boom in cut-price tuxedo sales from Asda , the Mirror reports.

George is offering not only cut-price tuxedos, but tweed and regular suits as well and has reported a 30% increase in demand for traditional waistcoats since the weekend.

Similarly, it seems the Great British public are desperately trying to emulate Colin Firth's style in the film, as pocket hankies have sold out of the online store since the film's release on January 29.

However, it seems Asda has some competition in the way of Mr Porter, the online men's retailer. The site has collaborated with 'Kingsman' director Matthew Vaughn to create an all British, bespoke collection based on Arianne Phillips' costume design for the star studded cast.
Just don't hold out for a bargain - the cheapest items in the Kingsman collection include a Smythson leather notebook for £45 and Drake's printed pocket squares for £55. Or you can splash out on a decadent Deakin & Francis rose gold-plated keyring which weighs in at an eye-watering £95.

This might be a bit of a pinch, considering you can get a pack of five white cotton hankies from George for just £4.

The top end of the Kingsman collection's price range is home to a £14,250 Bremont 'World Timer' watch. Originally created for pilots, this model has been crafted especially for Kingsman, and is made from rose gold with a crocodile embossed leather strap. In comparison, George's most expensive time piece, the Hanowa Gents Ultra Slim bracelet watch, will set you back just £85.

If you're looking to smarten up your wardrobe, a tuxedo jacket, trousers, shirt, shoes and hankie from George will cost you £80. The equivalent outfit from Mr Porter's Kingsman collection would come in at a staggering £2,340, making it almost thirty times as expensive as the supermarket's version.

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