Woman stopped SUV in fast lane because fuel light came on

Audi Q7

A driver narrowly avoided causing a pile-up on one of Britain's busiest motorways, after stopping her car in the fast lane because the fuel warning light had come on.
The unidentified woman had been driving her Audi Q7 on the anti-clockwise carriageway of the M25 in Kent when the light illuminated, advising her that she would soon need to stop at a fuel station.

Panicked, the driver thought it would be a better idea simply to bring the car to a halt in lane three.

Police attended the scene after other motorists reported the car had broken down. It wasn't until they spoke to the shaken driver that they realised the true nature of the incident.

A Surrey Police spokesman said: "Her fuel warning light came on so she stopped in lane three as she was confused due it not being a car that she usually drives," The Telegraph reports.

"She was given suitable advice and directions to the nearest garage."

The incident occurred between junction 6 for Godstone and 5 for Sevenoaks on January 8. The incredulous traffic officers even took to Twitter to express their shock.

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