Valentine's at Lidl and Poundland: would you?

Champagne on ice
Champagne on ice

Valentine's Day can leave you vulnerable to some hideous rip-offs. But if the thought of spending the best part of £50 on a bunch of flowers or £30 on a box of chocolates doesn't put you in the mood for romance, then the budget stores could have the answer this Valentine's Day.

Among the bargains on offer are bunches of flowers and perfume from Lidl, champagne and baking novelties at Aldi, the ingredients for a romantic breakfast at Poundworld, and novelty teddies at Poundland. But would a bargain Valentine's gift go down well with your loved one?

The range

Poundland has a fairly exhaustive range - including everything from teddy bears sporting red hearts and red bows to 'hot stuff' novelty socks, a photo frame - complete with a romantic poem, a 'too hot to handle' insulated travel cup, and a '50 shades of Grey' themed mug.
Poundworld, meanwhile, has a heart-shaped frying pan, a toast stamp and heart-shaped egg cup, and two red champagne flutes in the range. Your romantic breakfast could be sorted for less than the price of a pub pint.

Aldi, meanwhile, has a 'Valentine's Wallet' on sale for £4.99 - which isn't bad for a leather wallet. There's also pink sparkling wine for £3.99, pink champagne for £14.99, and Valentine's cookie cutters and cake moulds for £2.49.

Lidl, meanwhile, is currently promoting its Suddenly range of fragrances, for £3.99 - which Martin Lewis has pointed out doesn't smell entirely dissimilar to Coco Mademoiselle from Chanel. It is also suggesting its cosmetics as gifts, and perhaps most unusually a purple and pink cordless drill for £14.99. It promises a Valentine's flower range will be in store from 13 February.

Disappointingly its fantastic new lingerie range won't be on sale until 26 February. The range is said to have been inspired by Venice, and the styles seem to compete impressively with the higher end of the market - but pieces start at £3.99. You can get a bra and knickers set for £7.98, and there's a sateen robe for just £4.99.

You just have to find a way to convince your other half that she'll get a better present if she can hang on for the best part of a fortnight. In the interim, there are plenty of ways to celebrate Valentine's Day on a budget - the question is whether you will take advantage of these ranges, or whether your other half would be unimpressed with a bargain Valentine. Let us know in the comments.

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