10 of the most marked up products

Sarah Coles

Most of the time we're quite used to the idea that we pay more for an item than it cost to make it.

We know that we're paying to have it transported around the world, put on shelves in centrally-heated well-staffed shops, and advertised to the hilt. - not to mention the fact that we have to pay for a profit margin, and a board of fat cats, for everyone concerned.

Most of us wouldn't be surprised to learn that typically we pay twice what it actually costs to produce something.

However, anyone selling a product also knows that the price they can charge is only really limited by the price we are willing to pay. We have become used to certain items having a particular price point, and so we no longer think of what it actually costs to make - we're happy to pay the 'going rate'. It means that some products and services have far more enormous mark ups.

We reveal ten of the most shockingly overpriced products - and why we're prepared to pay so much for them.

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