Lamborghini Gallardo spins out of control and into a lake

Lamborghini Gallardo

Tuning a Lamborghini up to 2,000bhp was risky. Removing the rear diffuser – and therefore the downforce – then attempting a half-mile drag race at 200mph is closer to stupid.
It started well for this heavily modified Lamborghini Gallardo, which was on its second day of the WannaGOFAST event in Florida. But on the run videoed below, the driver lost control, resulting in a massive spin and a dip into a nearby lake.

As you can see in the footage, the whole rear bumper section of the car has been removed because in a previous run the diffuser was damaged.

The driver managed to get out of the vehicle unscathed but we expect, after that spin, the Gallardo is going to need a little attention. Luckily, the water isn't deep so it's now out of the lake and we've all got our fingers crossed that the water damage is minimal.

However, perhaps the organisers may want to consider holding their high-speed motorsport events away from large bodies of water in the future.

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