Video: How not to drive performance cars on public roads

dangerous driving
YouTube/Mr. Y

With great power comes great responsibility. This doesn't just apply to those with arachnid-based superpowers, but also those lucky enough to drive cars at the sharp end of the performance spectrum.
Unfortunately someone doesn't seem to have told these sports car drivers, who put lives at risk when on a high-speed drive around Prague in a convoy of performance cars including a Ford Focus RS, Porsche 911 and a V10 BMW M5.

It is unclear if the drivers owned the cars themselves or not - perhaps someone's parents got a shock watching this footage - but whatever the case, this kind of driving is clearly meant for the track only.

The cars are seen speeding past other vehicles on the roads, overtaking dangerously and weaving in and out of traffic. Drifting around corners and driving in the middle of the road, almost forcing oncoming vehicles off the road also seems to be acceptable behaviour for this trio.

Blurred out faces and number plates on the video show that the drivers are aware they should not be driving like this, risking both their own and other people's lives. It also seems like they are yet to learn what a seatbelt is for.

Click play below to witness this masterclass in fast car idiocy.

Lina Edvardsson Ceder
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