The couple who are getting married in a Morrisons cafe

Morrisons wedding

At first glance a supermarket cafe may not seem like the most romantic place in the world. However, for Rebecca Wooller and Blake Green, who live in Cambridge, the Morrisons Cafe is an ideal romantic spot for their wedding.

The Cambridge News reported that Wooller, a 44-year old former undertaker, and Green, a 53-year-old who works at the science park, had their first date in the cafe of the Cambourne branch of Morrisons, as Wooller had fallen ill and it was the furthest she could travel.

So when Green proposed, after dating for just two weeks, they decided that the cafe would be the ideal spot for the ceremony. She told he paper: "We had a great laugh in Morrisons and we still do, so we have very special memories of our time there."

According to The Daily Mirror, the couple will be married in a nearby registry office in the morning, and then will have their marriage blessed in the cafe. The store will stay open, and the couple would like shoppers to come along and celebrate with them. Wooller says she'd like to walk down one of the aisles - she doesn't mind which - to 'Love is an Open Door', a track from 'Frozen', the Disney musical.

This couple have decided to go for something quirky, as they say they've been through a lot in their lives, and they want to do something fun. However, they are far from the first to opt for this unusual setting.
Supermarket weddings

In 2002 Joanne Hamlyn and Charlie Heffernan became the first couple in Britain to have their wedding in a supermarket. The pair met in the dairy chilling room of an Asda store in Elgin in Scotland, and decided to tie the knot in the store too. In Scotland you can have your wedding anywhere, as long as it is presided over by a vicar, so they were free to marry in the supermarket cafe.

The pair followed a bagpiper down their favourite aisle (the same piper who played at Madonna's wedding to Guy Richie), and the store paid for the event and for the couple to honeymoon in Dubin. They also provided whisky for shoppers to toast the bride and groom.

In 2013 in Madison Mississippi, an 87-year-old bride and her 79-year-old groom were married in the pharmacy department of their local supermarket. They had been chatting to the manager of the supermarket about their wedding plans, and he jokingly said he could officiate as he was a county supervisor. As the groom was a former pharmacist, he asked if they could do it in the pharmacy, so they had a very speedy service on Valentines Day.

But one of the most unusual supermarket weddings took place last year, when a woman in Dunedin, New Zealand, was surprised by a flash wedding in the supermarket. The couple were engaged, but hadn't set a date for the wedding. However, during the weekly shop one day, a band and dancers appeared, while the groom told his wife what he had in store. After a quick change, the guests came out of hiding to witness the surprise wedding.

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