Your own, working 'Iron Man' suit for just £660,000

Sarah Coles
Robotic suit for sale
Robotic suit for sale

An 'Iron Man' robotic suit has gone on sale through Amazon priced at just £660,000. The suit is 13 feet tall and weighs four tons, and can be operated by a pilot sitting inside the suit. If you have $1 million to hand, you can become a super hero, riding around in your own robotic suit, and rescuing the world from the super-villains.

If, however, you plan to use this suit to defeat evil, it's worth being aware of a couple of minor technical points.


First, it doesn't fly, so if your villain has a helicopter, you're going to be stuck helplessly on the ground in a four-ton suit waving your cumbersome fists in fury.

Second, it travels at 6 mph (and it rolls along rather than stomping 'Iron Man' style). It means that all your villain needs for a fast getaway is a mobility scooter - or some stairs - clearly these people have learned nothing from the Daleks.

Third, your weaponry is limited to rocket launchers, which are fitted with water bottles, and BB guns, so the damage you can do is limited.

Fourth, and perhaps most importantly, on the website, the inventors (artist Kogora Kurata and robotics expert Wataru Yoshizak), have stated that your "safety and comfort are not guaranteed." And there's only so much fun you can have with a robot which could inflict sudden pain or injury any moment.
Why would you?

These minor points aside, the suit, known as Kuratas and developed by Suidobashijuko Heavy Industry, is a brilliant purchase for billionaires who want to indulge their inner child. And which mega-rich titan of industry could resist a robot that's set to fire its weapons when you smile?

Comic book fans who have dreamed of their own robot suit will be able to live the dream - whether their hero is Iron man, or any of Japanese graphic novels that inspired the robot's inventors.

The website lets you completely customise the robot suit, and choose your weapons, parts (including bullet-proof armour), the colour of the suit - and even the finish on the cockpit (including the most expensive leather interior finish you'll ever see).

They will also let you name your own robot, before revealing the price (which could be anything up to $2 once you've added in the whistles and bells).

Given that there are billionaires who happily spend millions on their super cars, this robot would surely be even more of a talking point in the garage - and much more fun.

And by buying one, they get to be part of an optimistic future where technological breakthroughs are for robot butlers, hoverboards and giant bottle-firing robotic suits - rather than just computers that help us work harder and phones that let us waste more time.

But what do you think? Do you fancy your own robot suit?

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