Poundland signs up new celebrity partnership

Sarah Coles
Tommy Walsh
Tommy Walsh

Poundland has announced a new celebrity partnership, with TV builder Tommy Walsh. Admittedly he's hardly a household name, but you might remember him from his days as the builder on Groundforce - the one who was famous for not being Alan Titchmarsh or Charlie Dimmock. This week he has been unveiled as the face of a new range of Poundland tools.

The range is called 'DIY Time' and includes all sorts of basic supplies. Full details of the range have yet to be released, but it's probably not going to come as a huge shock to hear it's likely to include hammers, screws, and glues - all for £1.

Walsh has been waxing lyrical about the range, saying: "I'm really proud of what we have achieved and already use the products at home and professionally."


This is Poundland's second foray into the celebrity world. Last year it announced its first face of a Poundland range would be Jane Asher, who has endorsed a range of bakeware.

The range was a massive success. It launched in April, and by September it was the store's fastest-selling line of all time. In that time it notched up £2 million in sales. She said at time that she had initially been cynical that the store could come up with anything of decent quality for £1, but that she had been pleasantly surprised.

Given the success of Poundland's first partnership, it was only going to be a matter of time before its ranks of famous faces started to grow.
Celebrity fans

Ten years ago, you might have struggled to find celebrities who would be proud to be associated with a pound shop, but a lot has changed in the past decade, and over the years we've seen a number of celebrities populating the aisles - and not because of any partnership, but in search of a bargain.

Here are five of our favourites:

Danielle Lloyd

Back in 2013, when model Lloyd was still a WAG, she revealed that she had shopped in Poundland for her Christmas decorations. She Tweeted a picture of her stairs, decorated with tinsel and bows, and when asked where she got the bows them from she replied 'Poundland'. She was showered with praise from her followers - who pledged to get down to their local branch the following day.

Britney Spears

That same year, when Spears came to the UK, she appeared on the Alan Carr show, where she revealed she had been shopping in Poundland while she was in London. Her only purchase was a box of miniature novelty matches, which she decided were 'cool' even though they were something of a health and safety nightmare when lit. She has previously spoken about her love of discount stores in the US, so it was perhaps only natural for her to consider it an essential stop on her tour of the sights of London.

John Terry

In December that year footballer John Terry posed for a photo with a fan while shopping at Poundworld in Woking. The fact that he was on around £17,000 a week at the time didn't stop him hunting down some festive bargains. Eagle-eyed fans noticed he went for wrapping paper, gardening goods and some snacks.

Frank Lampard

Three years earlier, football star Frank Lampard was spotted in a Newtownards branch of Poundland, while on a romantic break with Christine Bleakley. The pair were seen hunting for bargains, and posed for photos with fans.


And in 2012, Susan Boyle was spotted in Poundland. At the time, the Britain's Got Talent Star had an estimated wealth of £22 million. She picked up a bag of goodies from the Blackburn, West Lothian store, then got the bus home.

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