John Prescott baffled after finding tracking device in his car

John Prescott discovers tracking device in Jaguar

Ex-deputy prime minister John Prescott may be famed for his fondness for Jaguars, but one of his beloved machines has given him a shock after mechanics discovered a tracking device fitted underneath one of the seats.
Local mechanics unearthed the six-inch tracking kit planted underneath the driver's seat of 'Two Jags' Prescott's XJ luxury saloon after the 76-year-old Labour politician had trouble starting the car. The tracker, which had been draining the battery, includes a SIM card and a built-in microphone for recording conversations and uses mobile phone technology to track the car.

As Prescott has owned the car for a number of years, it is possible that this machine has captured a number of important conversations. Famed for his straight talking demeanour Prescott told the Sunday Mirror: "I can only hope whoever listened to my conversations installed an automatic bleeper too."

He added: "I've been told that whoever knows the SIM card that goes with the tracker can send out a signal and stop the engine. I suppose you have to hope you're not on the motorway", reports the Daily Mail.

"I'm really surprised. I've had the car a couple of years and had considerable trouble with the battery. Something was draining the power and affecting the operation of the vehicle.

"The mystery now begins to try and find out what it is. I've been watched and tapped in the past - but this is my first case of a tracker in a car."

Prescott has now launched an investigation to discover who has been bugging his car by tracing the previous owners to see if any of them had fitted the device to track the car had it ever been stolen.
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