10 freebies to cheer up Blue Monday

Sarah Coles
Feeling blue
Feeling blue

Today is Blue Monday: officially the most depressing day of the year. The term was coined 10 years ago, to describe the perfect storm of factors designed to get us down.

There's the weather, the fact that the memory of Christmas has faded, the likelihood that our New Year's resolutions have failed, and our January cash has run out. Oh and of course, there's the fact that it's Monday.

What we all need to cheer us up without making our financial situation any worse is a freebie - and we have ten of them for you.

1. Free tickets to see Kingsman: The Secret Service
The users of HotUKdeals.com have found a few freebies for the film tonight. Just don't forget to bring your own bargain snacks from the nearest pound shop, so you can avoid spending a fortune on a vat of popcorn.

2. Free night at the greyhounds
Wimbledon dog track is offering free entry, a free race card and a free pint of lager. You just have to fill in your details online and print out as many tickets as you like. Of course, to keep this as a decent freebie, you'll need to just soak up the atmosphere, and resist the temptation to place any bets

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3. Free biscuit spread
For the comfort eaters, you can get your hands on a free 20g sample of the new Lotus Biscoff Caramelised Spread. Just pop your details into the online form and it'll be posted out to you.

4. £5 worth of points to spend at Rakuten
The users of HotUkdeals.com have discovered that new Rakuten users can get £5 of points to spend in the store absolutely free. You just have to register and opt into marketing data (you can opt out later) and you'll be credited with £5 - which you can spend on anything from a CD or a DVD to a game.
5. Take yourself on a free guided walk
London is packed with guided tours, where people pay through the nose to trail around after a know-it-all with an umbrella. However, you don't need a guide, and you don't need to pay a penny, because Time Out has produced an app offering self-guided tours of a number of cities including London. They claim to cover everything from art and scandals to royalty and cake.

6 Free running support
If you've taken up jogging this January and are finding it a massive struggle to stick with your resolution, you can get free support from The Running Bug, Its Run Yourself New campaign will set you targets, offer advice on training and nutrition, and put you in touch with thousands of people who are going through exactly the same hell as you are.

7. Free audible book
Download a free audio book to your phone or an MP3 player from Audible. This is a service that offers you an audio book each month for £7.99, but the first month is free. So as long as you remember to cancel after your first download, you can enjoy any book you like absolutely free.

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8. Free entrance to attractions
If you're planning a day out and you're going by train, then you could get two tickets for the price of one to some great attractions at your destination. You'll need to go to the days out guide, download your voucher, and then present it with your train ticket to get the deal. Those taking part include the London Eye and Madame Tussauds, so the savings are pretty substantial - you just need to find someone to go with you, who is willing to pay full price so you can get in for nothing.

9. Free coffee
If you sign up for an Ikea Family card, then not only do you get 25% off any item in the 'family products' range, you'll also get selected discounts elsewhere and free tea and coffee in the cafe any time from Monday to Friday.

10. Free pasty or hot dog with Greggs Rewards account
The rewards account is meant to be something you sign up to, and then load cash onto, so you can pay using the app. However, just by signing up, you'll get a free hot dog or a cheese and onion pasty. The users of HotUKdeals.com suggest the pasties might be the tastier option.


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