Savage cyclist attack caught on camera

White van man

Essex police are appealing for a cyclist to contact them, after footage of the rider appeared on social media, showing him being attacked by a white van man.
The video, recorded on the cyclist's helmet camera, shows the rider remonstrating with a van driver who has driven dangerously close, telling him to get off his phone.

White van man clearly takes exception to this, and drives into the cyclist, knocking him to the ground.

What follows next is even worse: still reeling from the shock of the accident, the cyclist is set upon by the pasty-faced van driver, who delivers a blow hard enough to knock the camera from the cyclist's helmet and onto the floor, as other road users look on in shock, beeping their horns.

While the footage doesn't show what happened in the minutes leading up to the shocking incident, it has been enough for Essex constabulary to take to their Twitter feed, appealing for the victim to come forward so that an investigation can be launched.

Witnesses who saw the altercation between the cyclist and van driver – who was driving a van decked out in 'Taylor Landscaping' livery – are also urged to contact the police.

Content warning: the video below contains scenes of violence and features strong language.

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