Robber halts plan to rob shop - after recognising cashier

Robber halts crime

A would-be thief in Colorado aborted his attempt to rob a convenience store, after recognising the man behind the counter. It's a strange way for a robbery tale to end - but far stranger things have been responsible for foiling this kind of crime.

The Jefferson County Sheriff's blog reported that the robber burst in wearing a balaclava and declared: "I was going to rob this place but I know you." He then went on to check whether the cashier knew who he was, and when he said no, the thief gave him a thumbs up and left.

It added that police were looking for are looking for a man fitting the same description, who robbed another convenience store nearby shortly afterwards.

Unusual ways to stop a robbery

It was a peculiar way for an attempted robbery to conclude, but in the weird world of crime, there is never a shortage of unusual twists in the tale. Over the years there have been plenty of unusual things that have put a stop to a robbery. Here are five of the oddest.

In September 2013, a robber was foiled by his own trousers. The man had grabbed the cash drawer from a Florida Church gift shop, but when he tried to run away, his baggy trousers started slipping off. The church maintenance man gave chase, and when he caught up with him, he pulled his trousers down the rest of the way to bring him to a stop. He then held him in a wrestling hold until the police arrived.

Chilli powder
In October last year two men pulled a gun on the owner of a convenience store in Boston and demanded money from the till. He refused, and a struggle ensued. At one point the victim broke free, grabbed a pot of chilli powder, and threw it in the men's faces. They fled the store.

In January last year a thief was foiled by his own handwriting. He handed a note to a bank cashier, demanding money, but she couldn't read it, and called a supervisor over for help. During the delay the robber started to panic, and ran out of the bank.

Shoe polish
In December last year a Wisconsin man covered his face in shoe polish to hide his identity, and robbed a pizza place. He was quickly caught by his decision to stop on his way home to wash the polish off in another store's bathroom. Confused shop workers called the police.

In July 2013, the FBI arrested a would-be bank robber as he was on his way to the bank. He'd been informed on by a member of his gang, but his fate was sealed when officers searched his flat and found a to-do list with the words 'rob bank' on it.

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