Video: Dimwitted driver destroys car wash

Dimwitted driver destroys car wash
YouTube / QuickQuackCarWash

Let's face it: driving an automatic car is really quite tricky. Not only do you have this weird circular device in front of you that makes the car go left – and right – but also, there are two (yes two!) pedals to fathom out. Frankly, it's a miracle that anyone manages to work it all out. Clearly this feat is too much for this driver at a Quick Quack car wash in Sacramento in California...
After successfully using that big circular thing in front of them – and those tricky two pedals – to get to the car wash, the driver evidently comes over all stupid, mashing the throttle into the carpet for what must be a good few dozen seconds, firing the car past several shocked staff, tearing off the big brushes, and bashing into the wheel washer.

Emerging full speed from the back of the car wash – seconds after the car ahead moved out of the way – the driver smashes into a hedge, which thankfully brings the careless carnage to an end. Drivers, if you struggle to differentiate those two pressy things by your feet when you get in the car, you may just want to stay at home to avoid an incident like this.

Hat tip to Motor Torque.
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