Elton John Bentley from Nikita video to be auctioned

1985 Elton John Bentley for sale
YouTube / Jan Foesjee

If Elton John is famous for anything, it must be his violently colourful fashion sense. Just in case you need proof, take a look at his 1985 hit 'Nikita', where Mr John is clad in a red trimmed straw boater, an orange and black top before changing into a star-spangled and black hat and other even more outlandish outfits.
The only thing as bright as his clothes in this video is his vehicle – a 1985 Bentley Continental Convertible – a car which you can now buy for yourself, as it goes up for sale at auction on February 5. Bonhams, which is hosting the sale in Paris estimates that this piece of musical history will be snapped up for between £58,000 and £70,000.

Elton John's 1985 Bentley for sale
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Elton John Bentley from Nikita video to be auctioned

Delivered new to John on February 15 1985 and used in the Nikita video, this mighty 6.75-litre V8 convertible could muscle its way up to more than 120mph with the power to take on its sports car contemporaries. The right-hand drive model was sold by Jack Barclay Ltd in Berkeley Square, London before taking a starring role in a video where John is whisked around an icy wasteland and ogles a Russian soldier.

The Continental was then bought by its current owner in 2008 – a long-time classic car enthusiast based near Venice – and has been driven sparingly, with a mere 40-odd thousand miles on the clock. Despite its age this machine is in good condition with new battery and tyres. The only non-standard feature is a boot-mounted CD changer and subwoofer, believed to have been fitted on John's instructions.

Take a look at the car – and John – in action in the video below:

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