Gross discoveries in food

Cockroach on Dirty Plate

What's the weirdest thing you've ever found in your dinner? We've all had those awkward moments when a shortsighted relative has made a salad for the family and served up an accidental aphid or two, or a careless student has tried to serve a pizza with the polystyrene base cooked onto the bottom. However, when it comes to finding foreign bodies in your food, it can get far grosser than this.

Over the past year we have revealed revolting discoveries, from creepy crawlies, to potentially dangerous foreign objects, weird-coloured food, and in one bizarre case, a strange creature which appeared to be growing inside a bottle of vinegar.

And the responses from the stores involved ranged from baffled surprise to an apologetic bunch of flowers, and in one memorable instance, the offer of a 25p goodwill gesture.

Take a look at these peculiar discoveries.

Gross discoveries in food
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Gross discoveries in food

In April last year, a couple from Preston were carving the chicken for their roast dinner, when they discovered it was green inside.

They returned it to Morrisons, which said it was green because of bile from the gall bladder, which hadn’t been removed properly. The company apologised and offered him £15 to make up for the nasty surprise.

This October, 25-year-old Hasan Ali from West Yorkshire, broke open a Sainsbury’s Mandarin orange, to discover a maggot and hundreds of eggs inside.

He Tweeted a picture to the store, and received an apology and a £10 gift card.

Last October, Eleri Adkins, a 29-year-old expectant mother, was shocked to discover a white object growing in her vinegar, which she told the press looked like it had a head.

She returned the bottle to Tesco, which said it was a harmless substance produced when the natural bacteria in the vinegar reacted with oxygen in the air. She received an apology and a bunch of flowers.

In January this year, Mollie Howe, an 11-year-old from Dagenham, discovered six inch-long nails in her takeaway chicken meal.

The owner of the takeaway said he didn't know how they had got there, as there were no nails of that type in the shop. However, he offered to replace the food.

Jason Damms, a 41-year-old warehouse manager from West Malling in Kent, was shocked when a centipede crawled out of the middle of a pile of rice in his Tesco curry ready meal last October.

He was particularly shocked, given that it had just been in the microwave.

Malika Carrington, a nine-year-old schoolgirl from Longsight in Greater Manchester, was horrified to discover a maggot in her bowl of of Asda chicken noodles.

Her mother returned it to the shop where she received a 25p refund, and a 25p goodwill payment. She wasn’t impressed.


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