Video: Driver smashes into concrete post in snowy car park

Snowy car park Subaru crash

"Watch this." These are the words we imagine this Subaru driver proclaimed before introducing his WRX to a lamppost in a snowy car park – and stoving in half of the front end.
Anyone who's bought a performance car has no doubt looked for a clear bit of road and tested out what their new machine can do. Usually this ends without drama, but add snow to the equation and it may not end quite so smoothly, even if the car in question has four-wheel-drive.

This is the case for one Subaru owner as he tested out his car's abilities – and his driving inabilities – in a large expanse of snowy car park. With a vast stretch of snow covered Tarmac to play with and nothing but a few posts and flowerbeds to avoid, you'd think you'd be safe enough testing out the WRX's four-wheel drive system.

However, said driver careers around the slippy car park at high speed, without realising that the covering of snow might just cut his stopping power. Add an unyielding concrete post and his WRX didn't stand a chance.

Getting out of the car to inspect the damage, the ham-fisted driver clearly isn't impressed with his handiwork as he sees the smashed headlight and crumpled bodywork. Check out the damage for yourself in the video below. You may want to turn down your speakers to avoid the expletive at the end...

Hat tip to Car Throttle.
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