Celebrity Big Brother contestants: will it kick-start their careers?

Sarah Coles
Celebrity Big Brother Launch 2015 - Hertfordshire
Celebrity Big Brother Launch 2015 - Hertfordshire

Celebrity Big Brother kicked off last night, with the usual combination of stars who have passed the zenith of their success (Keith Chegwin), outspoken controversy-magnets (Katie Hopkins and Perez Hilton), those who want to raise awareness and prove a point (Michelle Visage), professional celebrities (Calum Best and Alicia Duvall), glamour models (Cami Li and Chloe Goodman), a smattering of actors (Patsy Kensit, Nadia Sawalha, Ken Morley, and Jeremy Jackson) and a couple of singers (Alexander O'Neal and Kavana).

As the Celebrity Big Brother Contestants settle into the house, speculation has started as to who this series is going to favour. Keith Chegwin has taken an early lead as favourite to win the show. But Celebrity Big Brother isn't just about winning or losing. It isn't always about the appearance fee either. It's about the ongoing impact on the housemates' careers.
Every year some people emerge from the series having won over the public, and go on to get another day in the sun. Meanwhile, others leave having blotted their copy book, and can take years to leave the shadows of the programme behind.

It's too early to tell who will be the media star of this particular series, but in celebration of the new batch of celebrity housemates, we look back at the stars who have done well from Big Brother, and those who must wish they never went anywhere near the house.

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Who's Going Into the Celebrity 'Big Brother' House?
Who's Going Into the Celebrity 'Big Brother' House?