10 Great vouchers for a cash-strapped January

Sarah Coles
shopping woman with bags and...
shopping woman with bags and...

The last few months have seen a spending frenzy. From the first days of Black Friday, to the madness of Christmas, and the temptations of the January sales, we've been spending money like water, and now most people are feeling the pinch. Fortunately it doesn't mean you have to hibernate and live off tinned beans for the rest of the month, because there are some great vouchers around which will help you get to the end of January for less.

Kwik Fit
If you're dreading the cost of a forthcoming MOT or service, you can take the pain out of the process with this code, which will give you 20% off both at Kwikfit.

For some help buying everything you need for your obligatory January healthy eating plan, you can get £15 off your first grocery shop at Waitrose worth £100 or more, plus free delivery with this code. Separate codes on the site will entitle you to £10 off your second and fifth shops to

Lloyds Pharmacy
This code will entitle you to £5 off orders of £25 or more at Lloyds Pharmacy. So whether you're stocking up on winter cough and cold remedies, quitting smoking, or starting a diet, you can at least take comfort in the fact that it's not going to cost you as much as you thought.
If you're having a baby, there's a good chance you have budgeted for prams and cots, but what nobody will have warned you about is the cost of things like baby monitors, breast pumps and sterilisers. This voucher will give you an impressive 10% off each of them, so at least there's one nice surprise amidst the shock of discovering just how much having a baby can cost you.

The wintery weather we've been promised means that unless you already have reliable winter shoes and boots, you could be set for a major expense. Fortunately this code will give you £10 off all orders of £40 or more at Brantano.

Tommy Hilfiger
If you sign up to the newsletter through this link, you'll be entitled to 10% off your first order. It could come in handy if it's time for a new winter wardrobe.

The Sun
If you want to read The Sun online, or take advantage of the Sun + rewards (which include some brilliant discounts and freebies) then you usually have to pay a monthly fee. This code will give you one month of free access, so you can at least check to see if it's worth paying for in future.

If you have your eye on a game or DVD that's about to be released, this code will get you an extra 10% discount on pre-orders from Zavvi. The site offers some good discounts on new releases anyway, so you could stand to save up to 55% on the RRP.

Magazine subscriptions
If you regularly buy the same magazines, then it makes sense to get yourself a subscription, so you can get each copy for less. With this code you'll also get another £5 off your subscription, and some free chocolate too.

If you need to stock up on stationery - or home office supplies - then you should sign up for the Ryman newsletter here. This will get you 10% off - which could take a decent chunk off the cost of a Kindle or a digital camera.

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