BMW show-off comes unstuck

BMW M4 accident
YouTube/Drew Storms

Showing off your powerful motor is the reason many petrolheads flock to car meets. The temptation to exhibit your driving capabilities is strong, though Murphy's law dictates that once there is a crowd to witness your antics, things tend to go badly wrong.
And so it played out for the BMW driver in the video below. Attending an increasingly popular 'Cars and Coffee' meet in California, the show-off in question was keen for everyone to check out his new M4 Coupe, and put his foot down as he left the event.

With the driver clearly having disabled the car's electronic safety aids, the M4's rear-end suddenly kicks wide. The evidently inexperienced owner then inexplicably keeps his foot on the throttle, launching the car over a central reservation with a wince-inducing thump.

Unsurprisingly, the driver's actions have come in for ridicule as the video went viral. It has also attracted ire from fellow car enthusiasts, as this sort of irresponsible – and ham-fisted – behaviour has seen authorities clamp down on such car meets over public safety concerns.

The M4 owner later took to the Internet in an attempt to explain his actions. Rather than hold his hands up to making a mistake, though, he blames inconsistent tyre pressure and the car's restrictive traction control systems for the embarrassing off.

Take a look at the accident below and decide for yourself what caused it.

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