Calm down deer: doe found wandering round a supermarket

Sarah Coles
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Supermarket shoppers in Charlotte, North Carolina, faced an unusual sight just before Christmas, when a deer wandered into a local branch of Walmart. Shoppers managed to wrestle it to the ground, before animal experts arrived and took it away.

The incident, reported by the Daily Mirror and uploaded onto YouTube, is definitely one of the more unusual things to come across while browsing the aisles - and makes it to our list of the ten strangest supermarket sights.

But what else makes the list?

2. Weirdly it's not the only deer to have made it to the fresh produce aisle. Back in November last year a buck wandered into a supermarket in Cedar Rapids in Iowa, where surveillance footage showed shoppers and staff diving for cover from the animal as he careered around the store.

3. There have been other creatures behaving badly in supermarkets around the world. In June 2013, a Lidl shopper from Sydenham in south-east London spotted a tarantula in a box of bananas in the store. He shook the spider back into the box, and alerted staff.

4. Even more alarmingly, a Brazilian Wandering Spider was found in bananas in a supermarket in Chatham in 2008. The species is known for killing more people than any other spider - and its victims die within an hour.

5. There have been strange objects coming to light too. In June last year staff at a Co-Op store in Denmark opened up crates of bananas - and discovered that some of them were packed with bags of cocaine.

6. There have also been people behaving strangely. In 2011 a man in a cow suit was able to crawl into a Walmart and steal 26 gallons of milk. He then stood outside handing milk to people walking past.

7. Last year a woman rode her horse into a branch of Tesco in County Durham, after being dared to do so by her friends. Before she was escorted off the premises by security, she tried to nominate a number of her friends to do the same thing

8. In 2009 a group of jokers stole a sheep, put it in a supermarket trolley, and pushed it into a branch of Asda in Gateshead. Police said they thought the sheep had been taken to the supermarket in a car. The RSCPA condemned the stunt.

9. In 2012 a group of dairy farmers filled a hot tub with milk outside a Lidl in North Yorkshire - and clambered in - to campaign for higher milk prices to be paid to farmers.

10. And then there are more heart-warming surprises, including one at a Sainsbury's in Dundee, where a checkout operator married a shelf stacker in 2008. The couple played The Birdie Song while they signed the register

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