Seven-year-old girl survives plane crash that killed four passengers

Piper light plane

A seven-year-old girl walked away from a light plane crash that killed four people in Kentucky, USA.

The distraught girl left the Piper PA-34 plane wreckage and walked to a house where she told a resident that her parents had died in the crash.

The plane crash happened near popular tourist attraction Kentucky Lake on Friday evening after the light aircraft reported engine trouble and lost contact with air traffic controllers.

According to NBC Chicago, Kentucky State Police said: "Search crews have located the wreckage of a small plane in a wooded area off of Buckberry Trail which runs off of KY 810 South."

Four fatalities were confirmed, including the pilot. The young girl was taken to hospital and treated for non-life threatening injuries.

Speaking to NBC News, 71-year-old Larry Wilkins, who answered his door to the little girl on Friday night said she was standing there barefooted and "bleeding pretty badly".

He said: "She told me that her mum and her dad were dead, and she was in a plane crash, and the plane was upside down.

"She asked if she could stay here. I got a wash cloth and cleaned her up. And of course called 911," he added. "I felt so sorry for her, tears come to my eyes. Brave little girl."

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