British woman's horror as husband dies next to her on holiday flight to Thailand

Ruth Doherty


A woman has told how she was horrified to find her husband had died while sitting next to her on a plane.

Marlene Scott and her husband Graeme, 62, were on a holiday flight to Thailand when he passed away mid-air.

Marlene, who runs a B&B in Montrose, Scotland, said she thought Graeme was sleeping when the plane was coming into land at Dubai, where they were due to change planes.

According to the Mirror, she left her business class seat 10 minutes before landing to go and freshen up. When she returned, she found her husband had died.

Speaking to the Daily Record, she said: "I was left in shock when I discovered he had passed away right next to me.

"I spoke to him, then tried to prod him awake but when I felt him he was ice cold."

After filing a police report, Marlene had to wait at a Dubai hotel from 10am on Tuesday 23 December until 4am the next day to go home.

Grame's body is still in Dubai while police investigate the cause of his death.

Marlene added: "Waiting in that hotel was horrendous. It was the feeling of being completely alone after being with him for 45 years."

The couple, who loved travelling together and had visited Bangkok 19 times already, have twin daughters, Jennifer and Karen. Jennifer said: "Dad is dearly missed and was a beautiful father."

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