Pilot calls police after flight is delayed for three hours

Roshina Jowaheer
plane de-iced
plane de-iced

A pilot called the police after a flight was delayed for three hours at Manchester Airport as it needed to be "de-iced".

The Germanwings flight to Hamburg needed a special vehicle to de-ice the plane after snow fell in the North and Midlands on Boxing Day, Manchester Evening News reports.

Passengers complained that it appeared there was only one vehicle to do the job as flights to Belfast, Paris and Hamburg were grounded.

Adrian Adam, who was on the Germanwings flight, told Manchester Evening News that the pilot became so frustrated at waiting that he called the police. Images of officers onboard circulated on social media, but no action was taken.

Mr Adam said: "After being delayed for that long, we couldn't land in Hamburg because they don't allow flights in after 11pm.

"We were waiting, like a lot of other planes, to be de-iced. There was one for all the planes that were waiting.

"No-one was coming back to the pilot, so eventually he called the police."

On Christmas Eve, a flight was grounded at Manchester Airport as fire engines surrounded it when they were called out to an incident.

ITV News reports that two engines attended the plane at 11.45am and the incident was soon brought under control.

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