Adolf Hitler lookalike carries copy of Mein Kampf and charges tourists £60 for a photo

Roshina Jowaheer

A man from Kosovo believes he is the reincarnation of Adolf Hitler and makes a living charging tourists £60 for taking a photo with him.

Emin Djinovci, 49, who has five daughters he calls 'Hitler's children,' travels everywhere with the Nazi leader's autobiography Mein Kampf and is proud of his likeness to Hitler because he fought against his enemies, the Serbs.

Speaking to InSerbia, he said: "It is easy. I find myself in Hitler's character because he fought against my enemy. Enemy of my enemy is my friend. Yes, Serbs are my enemies."

Djinovci moved to Kosovo in 1998 from Germany to join the fight of Kosovo Albanians for secession from Serbia.

According to the Daily Mail, local businesses have no problem with his way of earning a living as they believe he "shows great enterprise".

If Djinovci posed as Hitler in Germany, he would be arrested immediately as it is a serious crime.

Last year, Thailand took its bizarre obsession with Hitler too far by opening a chicken restaurant in Bangkok named after the German Nazi leader.

A picture of the restaurant on showed the restaurant appearing as though it had stolen KFC's style with a picture of Hitler replacing Colonel Sanders.

Alan Robertson, who lives in Bangkok, told the Daily Mail: "The place opened last month and nobody quite knows what to make of it.

"I went in for a bite last week and got some fried chicken, which was pretty good, and asked the guy behind the counter why it was called Hitler.

"He just shrugged his shoulders and said the owners had thought it was good image."

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