MH370 will never be found, says author

An author claims that missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 will never be found.

Nigel Cawthorne, author of Flight MH370: The Mystery, told the Daily Express that there is no sensible theory as to where the plane is.

He said that it is most likely in the southern Indian Ocean and "if it is there I'm almost certain it will never be found."

Speaking to the Express, he added: "The current there is the worst in the world, the weather there is the worst in the world and the sea floor there is less well-known than the surface of the Moon.

"It is the most remote part of this planet."

In September, an investigator claimed that the pilot of the missing flight deliberately killed himself and his passengers by turning off the oxygen supply in a 'glory suicide'.

Airline boss Ewan Wilson says pilot Zaharie Ahmad Shah planned the tragedy as an "ultimate post-mortem triumph" and likely depressurised the plane, starving all those on board of oxygen.

The supply of oxygen from oxygen masks is limited to just 20 minutes meaning the entire plane would have slipped into a coma and died shortly after from oxygen starvation.

Earlier this week, a former airline boss claimed flight MH370 was shot down by the United States after being remotely hacked.

Ex-Proteus Airlines head Marc Dugain suggested the US Air Force blew the plane out of the sky.

Fearing a 9/11 style terror attack, the USA took action from the British-controlled Indian Ocean island of Diego Garcia after learning hackers had taken control of the Malaysia Airlines plane, Mr Dugain claims.

The Frenchman says he spoke to residents of the Maldives who saw "red and blue stripes with a white background" on a plane heading towards Diego Garcia on the day of MH370's disappearance.

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