Most expensive homes for sale in the UK

A look at how the other half live

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The average house price in the UK is now £189,388 - an all-time high. Around one in fifty houses around the country costs over £1 million, as do more than half of properties in the smarter parts of London.

But, hard as it is to believe, this is peanuts for some buyers. Going further upmarket, the luxury property market is booming, led by wealthy foreign buyers in particular. People with multi-million-pound budgets have high standards, and these houses offer everything from swimming pools to cinemas, staff cottages and equestrian facilities.

The vast majority of multi-million pound homes are in London, but there are super-luxurious properties elsewhere in the country too. We look at the most expensive houses and apartments around the country - if money were no object, which would you choose?

UK's most expensive houses

UK's most expensive houses

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