Video: The fast way to deliver a Christmas tree

Motorists drift home with Christmas trees
YouTube / ChiMotorTrend

Christmas is rapidly approaching, leaving the less organised amongst us just a few days to cram in some manic last minute shopping. Just in case you think you've left it too late to pick up a Christmas tree, fear not though, as these guys could have the answer – allowing you to enjoy your tree for a few precious extra minutes.
Don't worry about slowing down with that pine needle-shedding tree in the boot. Instead, strap the thing to the roof of the car and blast down the road at full speed – preferably sideways. Then you can get home and put the tree up in double-quick time. And all the loose needles that would otherwise be shed on your living room floor get shaken off with your drifting action.

Sounds like a win-win situation to us. Take a look at the video below to see the Christmas tree drifting antics in all their glory.

Hat tip to Car Throttle.
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