Men on New York subway asked to keep their legs closed

Sinead Moore

A campaign against so-called "man-spreading" - the habit of male passengers parting their legs and spreading themselves across more than one seat - is getting a boost on the New York subway.

Men are being asked to keep their legs together as feminists highlight "manspreading" passengers taking up more space than is necessary on packed subway trains.

The city's Metropolitan Transport Authority is launching the campaign.

Men on NY Subway asked to keep their legs closed
Men on NY Subway asked to keep their legs closed

According to the Independent, the Metropolitan Transportation Authority is set to launch a series of public advertisements that encourage men to "share a little less of themselves".

The campaign will also target travellers whose bulky backpacks get in the way of other customers, reports the Telegraph.

The epidemic of "man-spreading" has even become a subject of academic research. Researchers have investigated the relationship between what they described as "expansive postures" and honesty in a paper published by the journal Psychological Science.

"In laboratory experiments, people who were prompted to take up more space were more likely to steal, cheat, and violate traffic laws in a simulation," concluded the authors.

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