Lewis Hamilton and Ed Sheeran cause chaos in Crazy Carts

Lewis Hamilton and Ed Sheeran try out Crazy Carts
YouTube / The Jonathan Ross Show

We've seen the Crazy Cart before so we all know it's the ultimate toy for petrolhead kids of all ages. The electric machine lets you whizz around silently, and pull off spectacular spins – perfect if you have your own warehouse to play with, as in Razor's promo video for the vehicle.
However, not everyone has such deft handiwork behind the wheel as Razor's own test drivers, or the space to make the most of the machine's agility. Even a certain Lewis Hamilton seemed unable to control the frisky little beast that is the Crazy Cart, when he appeared on Jonathan Ross's chat show alongside Ed Sheeran on Saturday night, with the stars crashing into each other several times.

The situation didn't improve when Jonathan Ross and David Walliams got behind the wheel, with Ross running over an oversized candy cane and Walliams managing to fell one of the set's Christmas trees. Ho-ho-hopeless.

With thanks to Car Throttle.
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