The Apprentice Interviews: were they the worst?

Sarah Coles
Lady Taverners tribute lunch for Graham Norton
Lady Taverners tribute lunch for Graham Norton

The Apprenticeinterviews were even more toe curling than usual. There was the horrible moment when one of the candidates was revealed to have lied on his CV, and another where a candidate forgot how to leave a room. So how do they compare to some of the interviews in the Hall of Shame?

Daniel Lassman failed to cover himself in glory when he wrote on his CV that he had received an award as the top-selling salesperson. The interviewers contacted the company concerned and discovered that no such award existed. Lassman insisted that he had sold more than anyone else, so he technically deserved the award, but his fate was sealed.

Meanwhile Soloman Akhtar became the latest victim of heavy hitter Claude Littner. Littner was so unimpressed with the flimsy business plan that he threw Akhtar out of the room; and Akhtar was so shocked that he walked straight towards the nearest window and had to be redirected to the door.

It came as little surprise that eventually the pair of them were fired - along with Roisin Hogan, whose business plan turned out to be a bit too ambitious. Things started to go badly for her when she was asked about the brand new ingredient that she was including in a ready meal for the first time ever - and then the interviewer produced a ready meal that already contained the same ingredient.

Even Bianca Miller, who made it into the final with her idea for a range of flesh toned tights, was reduced to tears by one particular line of questioning about her personality.

The Hall of Shame

However, to make it into the Hall of Shame they really needed to have tried harder. We can reveal five interviews which make The Apprentice interviews look like rock solid success stories.

1. Last week a 30-year-old in Perth was arrested on her way to a job interview at a garden centre. She had taken the wrong turning on a roundabout, and ended up driving up the wrong side of the M90. After she realised her mistake, she did a U-turn on the motorway. She was arrested in the car park of the garden centre and later banned from driving. She didn't get the job either.

2. Last month we reported on the San Diego man who showed up for his interview incredibly drunk. When the interviewer pointed out that he had been drinking, the candidate flew into a rage. The interviewer got him into a headlock, but then the candidate drew a knife and stabbed him in the arm. Police found him at the address on his application form and arrested him.

3. Last year a 27-year-old man in Portland stood out at his interview, by having a massive heart attack in the middle of it. He was rushed to hospital, had immediate surgery, and spent months recovering. As soon as he was back on his feet he was invited in to complete his interview, and he got the job.

4. In October last year, a Chicago man went to a sports store in order to hand in a job application. While he was there he stole a T-shirt, hooded jacket and a baseball cap, and was seen CCTV. The store called him back for an interview and the police were waiting for him when he arrived.

5. In September 2012 a man in Birmingham was eventually jailed for lies on his CV. Incredibly he had actually worked as a practice nurse for seven years, a physician's assistant and even as a locum GP on the back of medical qualifications that were entirely fictitious. He was jailed for 15 months.

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