Updates from Co-op Group, Domino Printing and Imagination Technology

savings, tax, stockmarket, pensions, cash, investment FTSE 100, Co-op Bank, Domino Printing, Imagination TechnologyAnother shock fall for the FTSE 100, plummeting 118 points - almost 2% - to 6,182.7; the Big Board's lowest level for all 2014. The slump means the FTSE 100 has fallen close to 9% in just six trading days. Sky and BHPBilliton experienced the biggest falls, down 4.3% and 3.7% respectively. AngloAmerican and BP were close behind.

In the US the Dow Jones' descent was less precipitous but still marked, falling 100 points to 17,180.8. Both McDonalds and IBM took strong dents.

The stress experienced by shares yesterday continues this morning - bank stress test results. The Co-op Bank, as widely expected, failed the tests though chief exec Niall Booker had already signalled he expected the bank to fail.

The Bank of England assessed the Co-op at -2.6% (compared to rather higher scores from RBS and Barclays). The UK's largest banks were tested on their vulnerability to a range of hypothetical shocks including high unemployment, an interest rate hike of 4% plus and an extreme bump in house prices (down a third).

The Co-op is likely to have to sell more of its assets - possible branch sales - as a result; more operational tightening. The Co-op is now predominantly owned by hedge funds and has had to find the best part of £2bn in capital in the last year.

Next,Domino Printing. Preliminary numbers sees underlying profits climb 9% to £57.6m with profit before taxation climbing 219%, so Domino claims. The dividend per share is up 5% to 22.7p.

Europe reported double-digit sales growth in local terms and there was good growth from the Americas and Asia. But market conditions have been changeable in many markets over the second half of our year says the company.

"We remain cautious about 2015," says Domino. "As announced in our Interim Statement, the investments we are making, coupled with uncertain market conditions, mean we expect results in 2015 to be at a broadly similar level to this year."

Lastly, half-year numbers from computer chip designerImagination Technology. There's a £9m loss for the last six months though Imagination claims the news is in line with expectations, with strong progress in licensing and design wins.

Technology revenues increased 3% to £72.8m (2013: £70.8m) while licensing revenues climb 11% to £16.0m (2013: £14.4m). Group half-year revenues come in at £82.2m (2013: £85.2m). Based on their pipeline of prospects, Imagination are targeting 10% growth in licensing revenue for the full year 2015.

"During this transitional year for the Group," says chief exec Hossein Yassaie, "we have seen continued progress in licensing, robust royalty revenues and disciplined cost control. As a result we remain confident of achieving our targets for the year."

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