Poundland makeup is a runaway success

Sarah Coles
A Poundland shop in Glasgow, Scotland
A Poundland shop in Glasgow, Scotland

Poundland has had to order extra stocks of its new Makeup range, after shoppers snapped up the beauty bargains and cleared the sheaves. The range was a surprise hit with the fashion pack and customers alike

The Makeup Gallery range was launched in October, and the Metro reports that in the past two months it has sold over a million items. According to the MailOnline, some stores have had to order in extra stock for Christmas, after customers cleared the shelves. Bestsellers include the 'Plump Up The Volume' Volumising Mascara and the Pro Liquid Eyeliner.

The quality of the range has been a huge selling point. When it was launched in October it got a rave review from Vogue, which said: "After recognising my anxiety was probably more indicative of my pretentiousness than anything else, I endeavoured to conduct a fair trial. I'm glad I did; the products went from strength to strength." The reviewer particularly liked the liquid eyeliner and the foundation, which she described as creating: "a silky smooth veil without being cakey."
Budget beauty buys

It's not the first time that a budget range has found favour with shoppers. Last month moneysaving expert Martin Lewis pointed out that a number of budget perfumes smelled a little like their expensive counterparts. These included a Lidl £4 perfume called Suddenly, which he said smelled like Coco Mademoiselle from Chanel (at £50). In blind tests he said people struggled to tell the difference.

Back in 2013 the £1.69 Bottle O' Butter moisturiser was the beauty-must-have of the day. It sold out in stores across the country after Sunday Times columnist India Knight gave it rave reviews. A handful of eBay sellers tried to sell it on for £10 a bottle.

Other smash hits from the past have included the Aldi £1.89 night cream, which won a blind test on How to Look Good Naked in 2008 and caused a run on the stores. Many sold out altogether, while others had to limit purchases to one per customer. There was also the Aldi face cream for £3.49 which the Sunday Mirror awarded top spot to in 2010, and caused a 1,581% increase in sales.

But perhaps the biggest budget beauty smash hit was the Boots No 7 Protect & Perfect Beauty Serum, which appeared in a BBC documentary in 2007 and sold out in a day. The company had to limit purchases to one per customer, and there were some sold on eBay for as much as £75. This was more expensive than the real budget buys - at just under £25 - but in a market where the competitors cost anything up to £200 it's a relative bargain.

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