Elvis's classic 1977 Cadillac goes on display

Elvis's Cadillac on display at National Motor Museum
National Motor Museum

A classic 1977 Cadillac driven by Elvis Presley has gone on display at the National Motor Museum at Beaulieu in Hampshire. This pristine classic is decked out in the King of Rock & Roll's choice of burgundy and silver paintwork and still features the CB radio he used to call the kitchen at Graceland and the guard house outside his home, which would open the gates for him.
Purchased by the King in October 1976, this Seville V8 is the last of more than 200 Caddies bought by the star for himself, friends, family – and even strangers. Following Elvis's death in 1977 the singer's father Vernon gifted it to Elvis's girlfriend, Ginger Alden.

This large V8 saloon features a 5.7-litre engine that produces a mere 180bhp – similar to many modern 1.6-litre motors - and is mated to a three-speed automatic gearbox. Despite its near two-tonne heft, this machine can still power its way to a top speed of 115mph.

This historic car was bought in August following Graceland's first-ever auction for $81,250 (£51,963) by Steve Horn as a present for his wife. Steve and wife Suzannah run Europe's Tribute to Elvis, an annual celebration of the artist's work.

Talking about the decision to put the car on display at Beaulieu, Steve said: "We wanted to give all of Elvis's UK fans an opportunity to see his car and Beaulieu is the perfect location. We are delighted they could find a space for it." The car is available to view by those visiting the National Motor Museum.

Elvis Cadillac on display
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Elvis's classic 1977 Cadillac goes on display

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