Lewis Hamilton eyes-up music career

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Bongarts/Getty Images

He may have only just bagged his second Formula One world championship title, but Lewis Hamilton is hoping to dominate the leader boards in a completely different industry – music.
The 29-year-old, who was awarded the BBC Sports Personality of the Year on Sunday, has long had an interest in making music, and has even built his own recording studio at his home in Colorado.

Speaking to the Sunday Times' Style magazine, the Mercedes driver explained that he finds the creative process very therapeutic, adding: "Instead of going out drinking at a club I like to be in the studio."

However, Hamilton has stated that he isn't considering music as a new money making opportunity, but rather would use any profits to support young people looking to break into F1.

"I make an amazing living, so if ever I did music and I release a song and somebody wanted to buy it, I'd want to use that money to build a school of sponsor a young kid who wants to go karting," he said.

Thankfully, Hamilton's musical ambitions aren't getting in the way of his Formula One career. He will be back driving for Mercedes-Benz for the 2015 season, alongside teammate Nico Rosberg.

However, music appears to be something more than a passing phase for Hamilton, who has spent much of last year in the company of high-profile musicians such as Pharrell Williams. He also reportedly spent much of the week around October's Japanese Grand Prix in the studio, before going on to take victory at the Suzuka circuit.
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