Five cheap but romantic gestures

young man propose his girlfriend

Jogger Ben Chudley touched thousands of hearts this week when he proposed to his girlfriend by using a running app to track him jogging out the words "will you marry me" before posting the message on Facebook.

So whether you are planning a proposal or just want to show your partner how much you care, why not take a leaf out of his book by choosing a romantic gesture that won't cost you a fortune.

Here are five of our favourite ways to say "I love you" without splashing the cash.

1. Spell it out
Chudley is not the first man to spell his proposal out rather than saying it. And while using a running app will not be for everyone, there are lots of other ways to get your message across.

You could, for example, write it in the snow, or the sand if you're near a beach.

Alternatively, organise a game of charades where he or she has to guess you acting out "Will you marry me?" or simply "I love you", or spell out your message in rose petals on the kitchen table.

2. Get back to nature
Walking hand in hand through beautiful scenery is always romantic. So head out of town to a nearby beauty spot and take a walk to a viewpoint or cosy corner where you can snuggle together and enjoy a drink or a picnic.

If you're planning a proposal, you can make the moment even more special by heading there earlier to hide a bottle of champagne, for example.

3. Be spontaneous
Surprise your loved one by turning up unexpectedly to meet them from work or by announcing one weekend morning that you are whisking them off on a day trip.

And if such things are hard to organise, try running them a bath with candles or offering to give them a full body massage before bed. Effective and free!

4. Say it with words
It can be easier to write down how you feel than to say it, so if you're feeling romantic, why not write a poem or a love letter for your partner?

They cost nothing, but can be very effective and can be stored away and reread in the years to come.

Leaving little love notes around the house can also make for lots of lovely little surprises over the coming weeks or months.

But if you want to ask someone to marry you this way, make sure you are around when he or she sees the note!

5. Go back in time
One of the most romantic gestures you can make is to transport your loved one back in time by revisiting the place you first met or had your first kiss.

So arrange to meet at a nearby place before leading them back to a venue that is special to both of you.

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