Nissan issues global model recall

Nissan Juke

Japanese carmaker Nissan has issued a global recall due to safety concerns regarding possible fuel leaks on several of its models.
The recall affects some 470,000 vehicles across the world. Most are US market cars sold under Nissan's upmarket Infiniti brand, though Nissan Jukes made between 2012 and 2014 are also affected, along with Pulsar, X-Trail and Patrol models.

In total, around 22,500 cars in Europe are subject to the recall, with a further 233,000 in Japan, 143,000 in North American and 71,500 from the Middle East, China, Latin American and Africa.

The safety concern surrounds fuel pressure sensors that may not have been sufficiently tightened during production, which could result in a fuel leak over time, as the part is subjected to the heat and vibration associated with normal road driving. This significantly raises the potential of a vehicle fire.

Nissan has stressed that there have been no reported accidents or injuries attributed to the faulty component, and that it is issuing the recall as a safety precaution.

Owners are being urged to take their vehicle to their local Nissan dealer, who will inspect the fuel pressure sensor and replace it with a new item if needed, free of charge. Nissan is currently in the process of getting in touch with affected customers.
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